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Boathouse Ministries

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Boathouse Ministries is a small public charity, section 501(c)3, that exists to serve, to encourage others to seek God, to build up, to foster community, and to love. It is the product of a vision which compelled Bob and Kathy Valleau to “reclaim a church for Jesus Christ.”

In 2009 Our Lady of Perpetual Help was purchased. Her name was changed to The Chapel On The Pond. Public prayer and restoration of the “tired” building began immediately. Regular, non- denominational church services honoring Jesus Christ soon followed. Our garden was tamed, irrigated and landscaped.

Always honoring Jesus Christ, The Chapel in The Pond and gardens have become a community sanctuary for rest and renewal, enjoyment and learning, activity and togetherness. In addition to steady year-round worship on Sunday at 10:30 am and Bible study on Tuesday at 6:30 pm, the Chapel welcomes weddings and memorials, revivals, concerts, talent shows, dance, poetry, art and drama events.

Possibly our most popular community event was the annual July “Pond Road Block Party and Blueberry Bake-Off.” Our most well-attended events were our revivals and our 6:00 pm Vesper service with musical accompaniment.


Today, we are exploring additional outreach into our community and beyond. Boathouse Ministries is continuing a voyage of evangelism and adventure aboard the Vesper.
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