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Cadiz, Spain

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Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz, Spain


This is a picture of our “trail” out of Cadiz, Spain to find our rental car to return to Vesper the day after Christmas. It is an eerily beautiful contrast to earlier in the day, but I remember feeling the starkness. It was a clean street, pavement so shiny it threatened slippery, white bags piled neatly along the borders and only a stray dog or two. Lonely. Among us a feeling of unsettledness.

We had had an unsatisfying meal in what had promised to be the ideal restaurant. The Spanish were geared for fiesta after the siesta and the streets almost impassable even on foot. The noise level was a perfect “10.” We had had hopes to find solace in the beauty and art of the famous Cadiz Cathedral. The Cathedral was closed. But that’s behind. History. Praise God who “makes all things new.”

The new year brings hope of new things. We know those lonely, unsatisfying, tense “Cadiz -confusion” days are still lurking, but in Christ we are new creations daily, with new hope and promise. “Old things have passed away.” The plan is to make a mental dumping of old things; old tensions, old opinions, old habits and CLAIM this promise that in Christ - today - we are truly new creations! We are fresh creations; pure, bright, healthy, intelligent, active, capable, grateful, lovable creations! (We may have to claim this again tomorrow 😂.) But for today, the last day of 2018, we rejoice, we choose to rejoice.

Dear Jesus, Help us to believe that we are new creations in You and act accordingly. May Your Presence be strong all around us, supportive and protective, leading, loving, and... rejoicing! May we love others as You love us. In Your name. Amen.

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