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History Of Chapel On The Pond

About the Chapel On the Pond

The over 100 year old Chapel on Pond Road has a rich history, as does the Pond Village community surrounding it. Formerly known as Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the Chapel was purchased in 2009 for continuing Christ-centered, non-denominational worship.

Just steps from the rock monument commemorating the second night spent on Cape Cod by a Pilgrim band led by Myles Standish, the church building was built in 1915 for the overflow and convenience of the Roman Catholic community, largely of Portuguese descent.

The townspeople labored to finish the church right up until its dedication. It is a beautifully proportioned building, a comfortable and dry balloon construction. The church walls are covered above the wainscoting with original period painted tin.

One outstanding architectural feature, a Palladian window, receives sunshine from the South, over Pilgrim Pond. Often the subject of a late artist’s brush from various exterior angles, many contemporary artists and photographers are drawn to the play of light inside the bright and simple renovation begun in 2009. A bathroom and kitchen were completed in 2019 in the small left wing of the Chapel.

Chapel Highland Light

To the East of the Chapel (Highland Road) lies the open Atlantic, Coast Guard Beach and the famous Highland Light. A short walk to the West, past the old ice house and remains of the railroad, lies Cold Storage Beach, and the site of an almost forgotten fish packing industry.