Sunday Service 10:00 am & 7:00 pm
Tuesday Bible Study 6:30 pm
17 Pond Rd., North Truro, MA

 Pastor David Brown – Community Pastor

A permanent resident of Truro, Pastor David comes from the Emmanuel Faith Church of God, Jamaica, West Indies. There he worked extensively with youth, becoming Sunday School Superintendent and Secretary of the Youth Fellowship Association. He was ordained in 1997. Pastor David joined The Chapel On The Pond in 2017. He is employed by Land’s End in Provincetown. His wife, Carlene, is the daughter of a pastor, married to David Brown since 1985. David describes Carlene as “a committed woman of God.” She brings such talents as singing ‘a cappella,’ choir and worship leadership to the Chapel. Carlene has a magnetic smile and makes everyone feel welcome. The couple have four children and a granddaughter. Pastor David states his humble wish is simply “to do the will of God.”

Pastor Kent Hein – Summer Preaching and Teaching Pastor

As a Board member Pastor Kent has faithfully served Boathouse Ministries with consistent Biblical wisdom and advice since 2014. In the winter months Kent is Pastor and Bible study teacher to the large congregation at The Chapel under the Palms in Bowling Green, Florida. He was ordained in November of 2016. Strong Biblical preaching and teaching are his callings. His wife, Joanie, has a special heart for prayer, seeking God, and ministering to the needs of women and children, as well as supporting every aspect of her husband’s ministry. The couple grew up and raised their family primarily in the Michigan and Ohio area. They have two daughters and five grandchildren. We at The Chapel On The Pond are happy to announce the arrival of Kent and Joanie Hein in early May to help support and develop our growing congregation in the busy summer months. Their earnest desire is to “share the redemptive love of God with the Truro community and beyond.”

Robin McLellan – Manager and Weddings Co-Ordinator

Robin is one of five Board members of Boathouse Ministries and has been a faithful and reliable member of The Chapel On The Pond since 2012. Robin travels from her home in Eastham to prepare the Chapel for Sunday worship, Tuesday Bible study and all other events. She organized the worship team and plays guitar. The bountiful fellowship table she sets speaks to her love, care and provision for her brothers and sisters. It also speaks to how God’s love is reflected in her life. Robin is the primary contact for co-ordinating weddings in our beautiful 1915 Chapel. She has one son, Scott, and ministers to many small children through her employment as Lead Teacher for Preschoolers at Cape Cod Development Program since 1990. Her desire is to continue to “walk more closely with God, letting His Spirit guide her, using her light to bring others to know Him.”

Joy Holding-Hall – Women’s Ministry

Daughter of a pastor and a missionary with her only sibling also a pastor, Joy, (whose name bespeaks her attitude toward life,) says, “ministry is in our genes.” Joy joined The Chapel On The Pond in 2017. She is a trained personal assistant, an accountant, guest services agent, and night manager in the hotel services industry. She is also a telephone ethics trainer. Joy is the mother of “five wonderful young men,” and a grandmother. She came to Provincetown from Jamaica “through a promise from the Lord Himself.” Joy truly loves God and loves to serve. She is quite sure He has a plan for her in this area and we are honored to have her “joyful” presence and participation in our Chapel.

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Our Statement of Faith

We believe in God the Creator as One God in three Persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is One, is Holy, and has always been. Man is made to glorify Him, to trust and obey. We glorify Him by believing in Jesus Messiah, perfect God and perfect man. His voluntary death by crucifixion delivered God's people, Jew and Gentile, from the punishment due to all for unholiness. The Holy blood was offered for the unholy. One sinless death given for all life. God's power even over death, power through the Holy Spirit, is ours today through faith. Jesus lives.

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